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Other Post Office Exams


The majority of applicants must pass an entrance test, with mail carriers, clerks, and mail handlers - the largest group - taking the 473 examination. The examinations help identify applicants that meet pre-established qualification requirements for filling vacant positions. Post Office examinations measure or evaluate knowledge, skills, and abilities to predict probable future work performance. Passing examination scores are between 70 and 100. Applicants will be advised when applying for jobs whether or not a written examination is required. Most complete at least part of the exam online.

A monitored exam will be scheduled at a local testing facility within 14 days from the date you apply. You are given 14 days to complete your application and assessments, and most do this online.

Sample test questions for the 630/630E (Postal Police), 710/720/725/730 (Clerical Battery), 714 (Data Conversion), 741/744 (Accounting), 916 (Custodial), 943 (Auto Mechanic & Technician), and 955 (Mechanical and Electrical Job Skills) exams are included in the all new 6th edition of Post Office Jobs. A comprehensive 473 exam study guide is provided in Chapter 5. The Postal Service also sends an Assessment Information Package to applicants when they apply via an e-mail attachment.

The application process was consolidated online under the eCareer program. Applicants develop a Candidate Profile and can establish a user name and password when they first apply that is used when applying for all other jobs.

Examinations: (Partial List)


Exam #, Exam Title, Occupational Groups

  • 230 - Motor Vehicle Operator - Motor Vehicle Operators
  • 238 - Motor Vehicle - Tractor Trailer Operators
  • 240 - Tractor Trailer Operator - Tractor Trailer Operators
  • 473 - (473-473E) Postal Exam Carriers - Mail Handlers, Clerks
  • 630 - Postal Police Officer - Police Officer
  • 710 - Clerical Abilities - Secretary, Clerks, Admin.
  • 711 - Stenography Transcription - Stenography
  • 712/713 - CBT Ver 2.0 - Typing Test
  • 714 - Computer Based Test - Data Entry
  • 715 - Ver 2.0 - Data Entry
  • 720 - Examination - 720 General
  • 725 - Examination - 725 General
  • 741 - Accounting Tech - Junior Accounting Technicians
  • 744 - Accounting Tech - Senior Accounting Technicians
  • 804 - Orientation Guide - Drivers Orientation
  • 916 - Custodial Maintenance - Custodian and Laborer
  • 943 - Automotive Mechanic - Automotive Mechanics
  • 944 - Automotive Technician - Automotive Technicians
  • 955 - Mechanical Test - Mechanical and Electrical Skills Trades

Positions Restricted to Applicants Eligible for Veterans’ Preference


Certain positions are restricted to applicants eligible for veterans’ preference under the Veterans’ Preference Act of 1944. This rule applies only to appointments from external recruitment sources (whether competitive or noncompetitive). The following are restricted positions in the Postal Service:

  • Building maintenance custodian
  • Custodian laborer
  • Custodian
  • Elevator operator
  • Laborer custodial
  • Window cleaner

Applicants who are not entitled to veterans’ preference may be considered for positions restricted to preference eligibles only when preference eligibles are not available for appointment.