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Postal Secretary 

SECRETARY, EAS-11 Occupation Code: 0318-2041

Provides secretarial support for a manager and his/her staff. Processes information in accordance with established organizational and functional area administrative practices and procedures. Secretaries and administrative assistants perform a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary to run an organization. They often use computers and various software programs to manage databases, create spreadsheets, and prepare reports and presentations. They also may purchase supplies, and restock supply rooms and maintain libraries. Secretaries also operate office equipment including videoconferencing, teleconferences, etc. Duties vary by position and specialty.  (Excerpted from the Bureau of Labor Statistics OOH.)


  • Produces reports, letters and other documentation using word processing equipment, and monitors peripheral equipment.
  • Accesses, retrieves and/or updates files and other data maintained on computers.
  • Sends and receives electronic messages, files and other documentation via the local area network.
  • Produces charts, tables and other documentation using various graphics packages.
  • Compiles information on a variety of subjects; reviews periodicals, publications, and industry related documents, bringing those of interest to manager’s attention.
  • Reviews materials prepared for accuracy and proper format; ensures compliance with established collective bargaining policies.
  • Performs routine clerical duties such as, answering telephones, operating office equipment, requisitioning supplies, and coordinating printing, maintenance, and other service requests.
  • Screens, logs, and routes office mail.
  • Performs other administrative duties, such as maintaining a variety of reports, such as: time and attendance records, correspondence control, training plans, etc., and maintains office files.

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