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Nurse, Occupational Health 

NURSE, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, PNS-01 Occupation Code: 0610-4001

Provides professional nursing services to employees under the general direction of a medical officer. Implements and participates in programs to provide preventative medical care and health maintenance services in support of Postal Service safety and health goals and objectives.


  • Implements, monitors, and participates in occupational health programs and services within a postal facility.
  • Provides professional nursing care to employees; administers medications at the direction of a physician; and makes arrangements for physicians’ care.
  • Provides continuous health or injury care, under physicians’ instructions, to employees with prolonged illnesses or injuries.
  • Assists medical officer in conducting re-employment or fitness-for-duty physical examinations; performs routine examinations for items such as vision, hearing, and blood pressure; and makes recommendations regarding suitability for employment and/or referral for additional testing and evaluation.
  • Advises or counsels employees regarding general and/or mental health care; assists employees with doctor and/or community service referrals, when necessary.
  • Prepares, updates, and maintains confidential health records for employees using the health and medical unit; compiles and analyzes various medical data and reports; and prepares regular summary reports.
  • Requisitions appropriate quantities and types of medical supplies and maintains security of supplies and equipment.
  • Regularly checks first aid boxes to ensure an adequate supply of necessary items.
  • Maintains the health/medical unit in a sanitary and orderly condition.
  • Provides continuous medical monitoring of workers exposed to potentially harmful substances.
  • Reports on-the-job injuries and other safety and health matters to appropriate postal officials.
  • Maintains familiarity with Workers Compensation and safety and personnel practices and procedures relative to occupational health programs.
  • Serves as liaison with employees, supervisors, physicians, PAR and safety employees; refers employees for participation in the PAR and other health related programs.
  • Performs related clerical duties.
  • Makes frequent contact with private physicians and representatives of hospitals and health clinics. Has occasional contact with customers, contractors’ employees, and representatives of emergency services and social agencies.
  • Provides professional advice and guidance to supervisors regarding administrative procedures; provides health care advice and counseling to employees.
  • Exercises a normal regard for the safety of self and others.

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